Cover Reveal! Death of an American Beauty

April 2020, Jane gets to go on vacation! Her first stop is the scandalous Armory Show of 1913. Then it’s off to her uncle’s refuge for its annual dance, known as the Southern Baptists Ladies Cotillion—or the Whores Ball. The refuge is under siege from disapproving neighbors and Jane worries that there will be conflict. But even she is shocked when one woman is murdered—and her uncle accused.

Jane’s attempts to find the killer and keep her uncle out of jail are complicated when Louise Tyler calls on her to help with a pageant celebrating the anniversary of the Emancipation, to be held at Rutherford’s, New York’s fanciest department store “where every American Beauty blooms!” And complicated further still when Leo Hirschfeld, the show’s piano player who vows to one day make all Broadway one big Hirschfeld production, asks her to go dancing…

I had so much fun writing this book. I can’t wait till it’s in stores!

Death of an American Beauty.jpg